What to look for on an autumn walk

Try these easy-to-play games which will entertain children and extend their physical and communication skills, while out for a stroll.

Come rain or shine a walk outdoors at this time of year is great for spotting features in the environment and turning them into exciting guessing and counting games. By encouraging children to play as they walk, you can maximise learning and create a positive attitude to the act of walking itself.

There are lots of games that involve identifying numbers, letters and shapes, which will support children’s communication skills as well as their recognition. These activities provide a great opportunity to develop literacy and numeracy skills.

Wherever your walk takes you, don’t forget to revisit everything that happened during circle time and help all children to remember events and contribute to the discussion. Here is some expert advice on how to get the most from your walks outdoors:

1. Game for a walk
Lynne Garner outlines easy-to-play games which will entertain children and extend their physical skills. Read more

2. Walk and talk
Use these activities linked to the popular picture book Rosie's Walk to help children explore the use of preposition words and practise using them. It all starts with a walk around a farm...    Read more

3. Walking in a winter wonderland
The winter months can be cold and harsh. However, it is a great time of year to put on some warm clothes and to get our and about to study nature and the elements. Read more

4. Walking in my shadow
On sunny days there are plenty of opportunities for children to observe their shadows and experiment with their shape and movement. Brenda Williams' poem provides a great springboard for this fascination. Read more

5. Walk the Line
Children will have great fun testing their natural sense of balance with a variety of different lines that are easy to create either indoors or out. Watch them develop skills you never dreamt they could have. Read more

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