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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Want to keep up-to-date with the latest pedagogical research and ideas from the experts, be challenged in your thinking and innovative in your practice? Dip into this month’s pages for a taster of EYE’s in-depth, professional coverage.

New research, training, child development, opinion... EYE has it all covered with its informed, thought provoking content. Here is a sample of some of the features in this month’s issue:

Opinion: Why 'record £6bn' isn't enough
When it comes to the 30-hour funding offer, hard pressed providers are still having to explain to parents that 'free' doesn't actually mean free while striving to bridge the gap between funding and spiralling costs. Read here 

Make it a warm welcome
Whether a child is starting nursery, pre-school or reception, teachers will need to recognise the enormity of the change and ensure they are sensitive to each child's needs and emotional state. Read here

When less is more
Hertfordshire County Council's audit tool Places to Play Every Day has been designed to help settings evaluate their outdoor spaces. As a result many are moving to fewer, but more open-ended, resources. Read here 

Encouraging sustainable citizens of the future
By following and respecting one little boy's scheme of transporting, practitioners were able to support his understanding of recycling and care of the environment, which ultimately drew in other children. Read here

Understanding the adopted child
Is there an invisible face of suffering when it comes to adoption? Nina Hajittofi explores the evidence for adoptees' hidden trauma and makes a powerful case for greater understanding of their experience. Read here

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