Nursery World Conferences

The Future of the EYFS: Rethinking priorities and practice

9th-12th November 2020

Taking place over four consecutive days, you are invited to join a series of two-hour, live sessions between 4pm and 6pm from Monday 9th to Thursday 12th November 2020. The sessions will provide expert insight for everyone working in the early years. This online conference will:

• analyse current problems within early years practice

• outline the rationale for changes within the EYFS and Development Matters

• give guidance on curriculum planning and assessment, and

• provide an insight into self-regulation and its importance in early learning and development.


CYP Now Conferences

Youth Work in the 2020s: Policy, Practice & Opportunities

2nd-5th November 2020

Taking place over four consecutive days, you are invited to join a series of two-hour, live sessions between 1pm and 3pm, Monday 2nd to Thursday 5th November.

Youth Work in the 2020s will provide essential learning and insight for everyone who has an interest in the immediate and long-term future of youth work. The online conference - organised by Children & Young People Now, alongside our event partner National Youth Agency - will feature a series of CPD-certified keynote talks and practice seminars to support you in providing high quality, effective services and support to all young people.


Early Help: Critical support to prevent a lost generation

23rd - 26th November 2020

Early help will have a critical role to play in meeting increased demand for support and services for children and families who are experiencing new and heightened needs caused by the strains of the lockdown, and avoid reaching crisis point.

CYP Now has assembled some of the nation's top experts and practitioners for the 7th annual national Early Help conference, which will take place over four consecutive days from 1pm to 3pm, Monday 23rd to Thursday 26th November. Join experts and leading practitioners from across the sector as they share key insights and practice approaches to support you to commission and provide services that have a genuine impact for children, young people and families.


Music Teacher Conferences

Music technology in education

12th-15th October 2020

Music technology offers a wealth of opportunities for expanding the teaching of music to all children and young people, as well as providing a basis for teaching much of the curriculum.

This one-day conference, taking place online between 12th-15th October 2020 from 5-7pm each day, offers immersive presentations and training on music technology in education.


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