A trip to remember

If pitched at the right level, a trip to a historical or cultural location can be just as valuable in the early years as it is for pupils further up the school, as we found on our trip to Hampton Court Palace, says Elaine Booth, teacher at Latchmere School in Kingston-upon-Thames.

Feed the birds!

As the weather gets colder and resources become scarcer, birds have to make every minute count when it comes to finding food. Teach children how they can help them to survive during the winter and fuel their fascination for the natural world.

How to create a sense of calm this Christmas

Young children's excitement can accelerate alarmingly in the festive run-up. It is therefore important that practitioners focus on their own well-being to ensure everyone enjoys themselves.

Turning down the heat

Reducing your carbon footprint in the winter months can be particularly challenging. Find out how nurseries are using creative ways to do it and inspiring their children and staff in the process.

Inspections: What do children show us?

In the final part of her series, Sue Allingham explains that ‘impact’ on learning can only be achieved when we understand what children bring with them – in other words, their cultural capital.

Montessori today

Montessori practice this year reached its one hundred year milestone in the UK, marked by many celebrations, including a special garden at the Chelsea Flower Show. In this extract from her book, Understanding the Montessori Approach, Barbara Isaacs highlights its enduring strengths and appeal.

New goals for 2020

Sue Cowley takes stock of this year's sector changes, adding clarity to key developments, including proposed changes to the EYFS, and unpicking their significance in the context of the year to come.

Becoming a sociable being

Understanding children's core emotions and how they relate to the development of their social brain is crucial for practitioners who need to support children's co-regulation and social development.

Loving the darkness

While winter’s lack of daylight hours and long, dark evenings may make most of us feel like hibernating, consider ways in which you can explore the excitement of darkness with children.

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