December book reviews: Professional and picture books

Take a look at a review of Loose Parts and Beyond, which will leave you reflecting deeper into your own beliefs affecting your practice. The picture book reviews feature a varied selection, from construction and re-imagined classic stories to a step-by-step guide to textured hair.

Opinion: Only the beginning

The recent positive funding news have been long awaited by the sector, and are mostly well received. However, what is it that needs to be actioned now to ensure the sector gets the right targeted support out of the funding offered?

Alternative view: Time for a rethink

From private nurseries to public children's centres? In this thought-provoking article Professor Peter Moss addresses implications surrounding the acquisition of childcare settings.

New thinking: The Big Switch

The Covid pandemic has really reminded us of the value of connection between generations. We are increasingly aware that we all thrive when the health and wellbeing of everyone in the community is sensitively considered. This brief article challenges us to think deeper about how we encourage and advocate for such connection.

Focus: The current market

There continues to be strong demand for the purchase of high-quality childcare businesses, both in terms of new entrants and existing nursery operators with plans to expand their portfolios. Here we have a snapshot insight into the current market.

Focus: A time to invest?

The pandemic, necessitating the need for most children to stay at home, served to highlight the complexities of caring, amusing, and educating our early years children. With life now getting back to normal and parents getting back to work, is this the right time to invest in the sector?

Opinion: The spirit of collaboration

PACEY's efforts of collaborative work has demonstrated a shared commitment to support parents on their journey into work, through recruitment opportunities to the sector, navigation of a complex funding system, and challenging perceptions of childcare choices.

Curriculum: Beyond ‘snap-shot’ moments

More than just a framework: In this final article in the series, we look at how to capture the child's learning as they engage with the curriculum, moving beyond capturing ‘snap-shot’ moments.

Opinion: We are (still) educators

The long-awaited Comprehensive Spending Review, originally due in 2020, arrived this autumn, and at long last the early years sector had the chance to formally put our case for increased investment to the Treasury.

SEND: Preparing for an outing

By law, early years settings must make it possible for every child to access all the facilities, resources and activities they offer, including off-site trips. A child cannot be excluded from a trip because they have a special educational need. This is the first article in the SEND outings series.

Pioneers: Four pioneers on play

Steiner, Kant, Dewey and Froebel are introduced in this article in regards to their lessons on play in early childhood settings. The four theorists are compared, outlining some of the common threads interwoven between them.

Behaviour: Re-framing and managing conflict

Conflict is a normal part of everyone's lives, this includes both adults and children. By reflecting on practice in one particular setting, this article introduces the idea of re-framing conflict and how seeing through a person-centred lens can be beneficial for everyone.

Getting to know you: Adam Marycz

The work that early years practitioners do stems from, and continues to shape, their own values and identities. Adam Marycz discusses how his values weave into his day-to-day work with children and the early years sector.

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