PSED through movement and active play

In this first article of a four-part series on movement and active play, Tania Swift explores how children develop personally, socially and emotionally through movement.

The state of education

Sightlines Initiative director, Robin Duckett, discusses the current state of early childhood education. Encouraging us to reflect on the governmental drives and initiatives behind pedagogy, provision and structures of education.

Reinventing the play centre

EYE'S editor, Angelica Celinska, interviews the owner of Pure Imaginations with Gemma – featured throughout this issue and the setting of our front cover this month. Gemma Bohr shares her journey with us.

Diary of an early years teacher: Exciting times

Lessness Heath Primary School now has the opportunity to move ahead with its global curriculum, focusing on ‘future thinking and innovation’ as its theme for the summer term. Children will also be enjoying the outdoors and building their writing skills says Emily Francis.

Opinion: Long term gains?

The road to recovery will be a long one but there have been many innovative changes to practice due to the pandemic. Settings will be able to carry these forward to the benefit of children and families in the future.

Letter to the editor: ‘Invest in your team’

In June's letter to the editor, Claire Phizacklea reflects on the past year and discusses ways in which you can invest in your team. The Apprenticeship Levy is one of the Government schemes Claire unpacks here.

News analysis: Weighing change

With implementation of the revised EYFS and Baseline Assessment all set for September, there has been much conflicting advice coming from the mainstream and specialist press. Sue Allingham provides a balanced view on what to consider.

Inclusion: Completely ‘in flow’

Building upon children's chosen interests and operational schemes is key to creating an inclusive setting in which all children can learn and have fun, including those who may have a perceived ‘special need’.

Focus: Creative communication

While parents at Pebbles Childcare had always been involved and interested in their child's learning, lockdown created a new imperative for them to become more engaged. This is now supporting a stronger partnership with the setting.

Provision: Own your ethos

Does your setting have an ethos or is it still evolving? It is important to understand what it means and how it dictates your work with children and families.

Policy: How to value fairness

Anti-racism and equity have become a defining focus for education in the last year. In line with this, how can early years settings better support children by building their inclusive practice?

Best practice: Quick goodbyes

While settling in processes once unfolded over weeks they can now be little more than ‘doorstep’ handovers. How can practitioners ensure that children's needs are met and parents have opportunities to discuss sensitive, confidential issues?

Inspection: Give warmth and comfort

Jo Caswell sets out the importance of understanding and addressing children's emotional needs as part of every day best practice. It is important to recognise that in the light of Covid some new approaches may be needed to ensure all children feel safe, secure and happy.

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