Change for good?

There is growing disquiet about the ability of the reformed EYFS to promote social mobility. Setting the bar too high for literacy and maths could exacerbate problems for society's least advantaged children who already lack the support they need.

Keep this in mind

The historical backlash to rote learning has resulted in the importance of memory being downplayed in early education. However, understanding more about its role is vital, argues Don Skinner.

Analysis: What next for children's centres?

It is estimated that almost a thousand children's centres have closed in England during the last decade. Sue Cowley weighs their value and makes a powerful case for renewed investment.

Support your staff to flourish

How can staff be fit to support children's well-being if they are not in a healthy mental place themselves? Deborah Lawson, general secretary at VOICE, introduces this focus on combatting workplace stress by outlining innovative ideas that involve both teams and managers working together to find solutions.

Dictated by data?

Nathan Archer explores the idea that an outcome-driven, accountability culture is shaping a limited and limiting research agenda. He calls for richer, more diverse perspectives.

Born into a digital world

With some children accessing technology for disproportionate amounts of time at home, how important is it for settings to try to combat the negative effects of screen-time?

Forest school: Working its magic

Maureen Lee describes how a study visit to Denmark has inspired a group of practitioners to take their forest school practice to the next level and use it as a springboard for important research.

Find the right words

With proposed changes to the EYFS profile placing greater emphasis on progress in reading, Sally Player looks at how high quality reading experiences can be delivered in Reception classes.

Profile: ‘Together we make a difference’

At the age of 69, Pastor Henry Mensah-Brown (bottom right) is determined to help children reach their full potential. He tells Karen Hart how the key to success is collaborative working at the outstanding, Cedar Park Day Nursery in Twyford.

Opinion: ‘We can't go on like this’

As the Comprehensive Spending Review and the end of the funding freeze loom, 2020 offers new opportunities to ramp up the fight for fairer early years funding. What comes after that is ‘up to us’ says Neil Leitch.

‘Robbing Peter to pay Paul’?

Investigations by the NDNA have revealed that some local authorities have significantly underspent on their early years funding budgets and are channelling the money elsewhere. This must stop, says Purnima Tanuku.

Professional book reviews

These books are all strong contenders for your bookshelf this month, with a focus on do-it-yourself CPD, a guide to practice that is truly ‘professional’ and a joyful exploration of picture books.

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