Society needs to learn that additional nurturing is required for traumatised children

Focus: Understanding the adopted child

Is there an invisible face of suffering when it comes to adoption? Nina Hajittofi explores the evidence for adoptees' hidden trauma and makes a powerful case for greater understanding of their experience and the need for more support from the professionals and family around them.

When less is more

An audit tool developed by Hertfordshire County Council has been designed to help settings evaluate their outdoor spaces. As a result many are moving to fewer, but more open-ended, resources.

Why ‘record £6bn’ is not enough

When it comes to the 30 hours entitlement, hard pressed providers are still having to explain to parents that ‘free’ doesn’t actually mean free while striving to bridge the gap between funding and spiralling costs.

Have influence, have a voice...

At a time when morale in the sector is low, membership of a union which seeks to promote the cause of early years and its professionals can be a route to support and empowerment.

Can nursery schools survive?

Council-maintained nursery schools have a history of supporting the children who need them most but with the grants which cover their additional costs set to run out next year, many of them could face closure.

Moving the goal posts

Sue Cowley takes stock of progress being made to change the EYFS Profile and its associated goals, while weighing up how revisions to Development Matters will affect practice and learning.

Understanding what the child likes to do before they start can ease their transition

Make it a warm welcome

Whether a child is starting nursery, pre-school or Reception, teachers will need to respect the enormity of the change and ensure they are sensitive to each child’s needs and emotional state.

Encouraging sustainable citizens of the future

By following and respecting one little boy’s scheme of transporting, practitioners were able to support his understanding of recycling and care of the environment, which ultimately drew in other children.

Children develop through play, exploration and intuition at Girotondo Pre-school in Chiswick.

Freedom and discovery

A new diploma aims to help practitioners become Reggio Emilia-inspired, enabling them to learn how to adapt the approach to meet the specific needs of their own children and communities.

Baseline trial reveals more uncertainties

A Freedom of Information request to find out more about the baseline trial is raising questions about the test’s validity, reliability and implications for workload. When will the DfE admit it is in trouble?

Seeking a clear direction

Increasing professionalism within the sector has always been a key aspiration. But how can professional career paths be mapped out when recruitment and graduate leadership are in crisis?

Bring ideas to the table

The Toddler Wellbeing Project provided an opportunity to research and compare experiences of mealtimes in early years settings across partner countries, resulting in more positive approaches.

Gender balance in the workforce is a priority for LEYF nurseries.

Stepping up a gear to reach more men

It’s tempting to think of the UK as a gender-equal society – or at least, well on the road towards it. But the lack of male childcarers suggests otherwise, which is what a new campaign is aiming to address.

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