LEYF's Stockwell nursery benefits from a balance of male and female staff

A chance to model 'caring masculinities'

In the first of a new series, teacher Tim Cooke shares his experiences and explores the need for a skilled, diverse workforce which understands how gender rules can restrict children.

Battling baseline again

With the Government inviting schools to pilot baseline testing materials in Reception at the beginning of the next academic year, the early years sector is being outspoken in its opposition.

Analysis: View change through a lens

Hardly a day seems to pass without another new idea or proposed initiative affecting the early years. But proposed changes must be filtered through the professional lens of what, why how?

How to be a responsible pet owner

Getting involved with National Pet month provides a great way to educate children about the care and characteristics of household pets. While keeping pets in an early years setting is not generally advisable, there are lots of ways to build on children’s natural enthusiasm for them through books, role-play, small world play and discussion.

Children enjoy time spent in the mud kitchen at Busy Bees Hartham Park Nursery.

Glorious mud!

Winter is nearly over and if you’ve recently done an audit of your outdoor space, you might now be thinking about giving your mud kitchen a revamp, and introducing some new resources. If you haven’t yet set up a mud kitchen, now is definitely the time to start planning one.

Most children in the study expressed positive views about school

Understanding children's views on school readiness

While the concept of school readiness lacks a commonly agreed definition, Paula Brown analyses the findings of the recent 'Reconstructing readiness' report, illuminating children’s own perspectives on school readiness.

Video enhanced reflective practice (VERP) has proved a winner at the George Perkins Nursery in Birmingham.

Learning through a lens

Reflective practice is core to early years provision, but all too often focuses on righting wrongs. Educational psychologist Anita Soni describes how video can help highlight the positives, and nursery manager Sarah Presswood explains why she finds it so valuable in her setting.

Deborah Lawson, general secretary Voice: the union for education professionals

An early years plan is also needed...

Brexit has paralysed the government, drawing the attention away from urgent issues, and while there has been much talk of the need for a 'plan B', the early years sector needs to have a plan full stop.

Take a look at the March issue of EYE

Want to keep up-to-date with the latest pedagogical research and ideas from the experts, be challenged in your thinking and innovative in your practice? Dip into this month’s pages for a taster of EYE’s in-depth, professional coverage.

Families who participated in the trial found the app helped them to stick to rules and boundaries

Social and emotional development is EasyPeasy

The EasyPeasy app engages families and children with game ideas and supports children’s social and emotional development and school readiness, according to a research trial. Sal McKeown explains.

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