Parent guide: Communicating with school

Preparing for your child to start a new school is daunting for a lot of parents, more so this year during lockdown but teachers are still there to support you, says Annette Rawstrone.

Maths is a piece of cake

Explore these tips which can be passed to parents at home for making maths learning a fun and stress-free experience.

EYE Guide to... Closing the word gap

Find out about Bug Club's family of imaginative and independent reading resources which provide a reading solution for your whole school. These resources are currently free to download and use.

Check out the May issue of eye

Whatever your current situation, this month’s issue of EYE provides a direct, informative connection to what continues to matter most – the learning and well-being of children.

Opinion: Respond with warmth

How do love and care impact on a child's holistic development and what happens when they are lacking? Jo Button flags up the importance of practitioners developing a knowledge of neuroscience to support children's sense of security.

Book reviews

Understand how teachers can tune into and encourage quieter pupils, why bereavement should be something that schools are equipped to deal with and what makes a fantastic mentor.

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