Baseline trial reveals more uncertainties

A Freedom of Information request to find out more about the baseline trial is raising questions about the test’s validity, reliability and implications for workload. When will the DfE admit it is in trouble?

Seeking a clear direction

Increasing professionalism within the sector has always been a key aspiration. But how can professional career paths be mapped out when recruitment and graduate leadership are in crisis?

Bring ideas to the table

The Toddler Wellbeing Project provided an opportunity to research and compare experiences of mealtimes in early years settings across partner countries, resulting in more positive approaches.

Gender balance in the workforce is a priority for LEYF nurseries.

Stepping up a gear to reach more men

It’s tempting to think of the UK as a gender-equal society – or at least, well on the road towards it. But the lack of male childcarers suggests otherwise, which is what a new campaign is aiming to address.

Parents get involved in outdoor gardening at Tops Day Nurseries.

Strategies for healthy survival

Early years settings don’t have to wait for the Government to act on climate change – there are plenty of actions they can take now to teach children how to protect the planet and create a sustainable world.

Tune in to children's natural curiosities

In the part two of her series exploring high quality provision for babies and children, Yasmin Mukadam looks at the importance of them being actively involved in planning their own learning experiences.

Practitioners can find time and space for children to enjoy being quiet

When silence is golden

In part two of her series exploring how communication skills link to wellbeing, Paula Brown challenges stereotypical notions to do with the extrovert and weighs the cognitive and emotional benefits of silence.

Using messy play to promote self-discovery

Wonderfully natural and inclusive, sensory exploration leads to children's self-expression and wellbeing. Give them time to immerse themselves fully and observe how they go with the flow.

Positive relationships flourish at Apples and Honey Nightingale House

Building positive futures through intergenerational contact

Bringing old and young together for meaningful interactions is now proving to have many benefits – not just for children and the elderly, but for society as a whole. Stephen and Denise Burke explain how they are working to maximise these benefits.

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