FOCUS: Guide to management software

The pandemic has encouraged early years settings to fully embrace technology and this is now evolving with new, exciting possibilities for both business and for practice. Sal McKeown provides a guide to what the latest software can offer and what is important to bear in mind when sourcing the right platform for your setting.

Opinion: Tackle the digital dangers

Digital watchdog Ofcom has reported that children as young as three spend an average of eight hours a week on video sharing platforms such as YouTube – which is why it is vital that educators and parents harness tools to keep them safe online.

Webinar report: Moving towards a ‘paperless’ future

Find out about the current benefits and challenges of harnessing new technology to track children's progress and communicate with parents – discussed as part of a lively webinar hosted by EYE's sister magazine Nursery World in partnership with management software company, Nursery Story.

News analysis: Keep it ‘unique’

Sue Allingham suggests taking a pause to reflect on how our practice today affects the wider world tomorrow. Getting early childhood ‘right’ is key to a better future and it involves remaining focused on the principle of the Unique Child.

Opinion: Feeling at ease

There are growing concerns that the pandemic is having a negative impact on children's ability to develop social skills and self-confidence which is why nurseries should go the extra mile to create new opportunities for interaction.

Research: Lessons learnt?

The Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918 claimed the lives of more than 50 million worldwide and robbed vast numbers of children of their futures. Richard Willis draws a comparison with coronavirus.

T Levels: Breadth and depth

Karen Hart talks to Daniel Brett, assistant principal at Bishop Burton College, in East Riding about uptake of the new T Level in Childcare and its potential to boost recruitment and professionalism in the sector.

Find something to make them smile…

Personal, social and emotional development is a key area of the EYFS and it begins with early years educators who have a positive attitude to their role. With this in mind Best Practice Network's Sian Marsh explains why mental health is a focus for Initial Teacher Training.

Opinion: From A to Zoom

June O'Sullivan's new book, The A-Z of Early Years, discusses a broad spectrum of hot topics in the sector and aims to encourage conversation and change. She explains what motivated her to write it and invites readers to take the future into their hands!

Inclusion: Stay on message

It's important to teach children from an early age that disabilities do not define a person and this can be supported in the setting with a matter-of-fact approach and diverse resources and books.

Getting to know you: Karen Clince

Tigers Childcare has just opened a vibrant new nursey in Elephant & Castle, in south London. It's chief executive Karen Clince talks about the importance of tuning into children's emotional states and giving them the reassurance they may need.

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