News analysis: Rejecting labels

Despite the increasing ‘top down’ pressure to impose literacy and maths standards on young children, it is important to remain focused on ‘the unique child’ and the creativity at its heart, argues Sue Allingham.

Frame the action

Observing children moving is a wonderful privilege. Visual and audio recordings are two of the most effective mechanisms, which allow for staff collaboration and objectivity.

We are the champions!

PANCos have an exciting remit to enhance the health and well-being of staff and children. Discover how a new training programme is helping one nursery to maximise their effectiveness in the role.

Let children be the teachers

When children are listened to and respected they will have the confidence to reveal their unique cultural capital, and this then gives them a powerful disposition to learn, says David Yates.

Opinion: Support, not punish

Wales is currently proposing to make the defence of reasonable punishment towards children a thing of the past. Early years practitioners have an important role to play in advising parents who may be confused or anxious about the change.

Opinion: ‘Stronger together’

As a KS1 teacher, making a presentation at a #BrewEdEY event, Ed Finch says there was a lot to learn about the depth and breadth of the early years sector, and much to gain from making new alliances.

Join the Big Schools' Birdwatch

The Big Schools’ Birdwatch runs from 6 January – 21 February. It’s an opportunity for children to contribute to the world’s largest wildlife survey, the Big Garden Birdwatch, by spotting and counting birds in the grounds of the setting.

Policy: A question of control

Concerns are being raised about the ‘behaviour and attitudes’ section of the new Ofsted framework as it does not seem to share the early years sector's interpretation of self regulation.

Opinion: Running wild

Evidence from new research commissioned by The Wildlife Trusts underlines that the education system must embrace the power of nature to ensure that children acquire well-being and a sense of responsibility for the planet.

Help them to stay focused

Paula Brown outlines the most recent research behind executive functions and explores how practitioners can support children to make plans, reach goals and review their progress and success.

Through the looking glass

Worrying about weight and physical appearance can start at a very early age. In this book extract, Ruth MacConville defines what constitutes a positive body image and how it can be influenced.

Facing compromise?

Sue Cowley drills down into the detail of the proposed, new Early Learning Goals and suggests that by aligning them more closely with KS1, the EYFS is in danger of losing its status as a unique phase.

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