Opinion: The new level 5 early years lead practitioner apprenticeship

With its recent launch, Aaron Bradbury talks about the need to embrace the Level 5 early years lead practitioner apprenticeship. Believeing that we have a chance to support avenues into developing different structures to progress towards that graduate led workforce in the early years, once again.

Opinion: It's time we challenge and reform ‘British values'

Adam Marycz discusses how he has been working on his own curriculum for his setting, and there has been a lot to consider. He believes that one of the biggest benefits of this reset with the new EYFS and the freedom it provides is the opportunity to re-evaluate ‘British values’.

Focus: The most important job

The following article draws on relevant literature, posing reflective questions to explore why wellbeing is important for practitioners and the children in their care.

Focus: Practitioner wellbeing in practice

David Meechan draws on the experiences of two practitioners. Firstly Jodie, who is an experienced room leader at a family owned and managed, private setting in the West Midlands. And Thandi, who is in her second year of teaching a reception class in Yorkshire. Prior to moving into teaching, Thandi began as a nursery nurse before managing a charity ran nursery.

Curriculum: The ‘hidden curriculum’

More than just a framework: This article, as part of the EYE series on curriculum, explores what the practitioner can do, or rather not do, in order to support children's learning through the ‘hidden curriculum’.

News analysis: Time to refocus on the children

In the recent months, as the new academic year was being prepared for and then when it started, we were still being sent documents from DfE and Ofsted. Whilst this can be helpful, it is often confusing, and in fact more likely to be unhelpful.

Opinion: It's time we reclaim ‘British values’

Democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance are values to nurture in young children, helping them grow into caring, responsible citizens. It needs a whole community to work together for this to happen successfully.

Lessons from a pandemic: Practitioner resilience

The ongoing pandemic has resulted in an entire reconfiguration of what education has meant, from early years right through to higher education. While children's resilience is something that has been acknowledged as essential, what has the pandemic taught us about practitioners' resilience?

Leadership: The wellbeing of leaders

Leaders of early years settings have enormous responsibility and pressures, which have multiplied during the pandemic. What does this mean for the wellbeing of leaders and what actions can and should be taken?

Sector update: Valuing the early years workforce

While the cost of childcare continues to increase, staff wages remain at historically low levels and excessive workload is an ongoing issue. Sue Cowley takes a look at pay and conditions in the sector and examines the impact on recruitment and retention.

Letter to the editor: A new start

James Boddey writes how we can consider the recent changes as a new start, and Don Skinner further reflects on play, in light of Jan Dubiel's and Greg Bottrill's opinion articles in the August issue of EYE.

SEND: Promoting wellbeing and resilience

Social isolation, disruption to routine, and limited access to special education services are just some difficulties children with SEND have faced. By promoting wellbeing, practitioners can help children build the resilience they need to cope with the challenges they will encounter throughout their lives.

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