Celebrate National Pet Month and help children to understand the importance of responsible pet ownership

National Pet Month is all about raising awareness of responsible pet ownership through education, celebrating the benefits of pets and encouraging fundraising for the nation’s needy pets.

Educate children about responsible pet ownership.
Educate children about responsible pet ownership.

Pets are really coming into their own at this time. With families at home, they will have more time to spend with them and appreciate them. Pet’s make a great subject to explore Understanding the world and aspects of Personal, social and emotional development.

For ideas linked to the EYFS go to:

PSED: Respecting animals
Young children love animals and caring for a pet offers lots of different learning opportunities. The tradition of nurseries keeping rabbits, guinea pigs or hamsters is, however, becoming less prevalent as we develop greater awareness of animal welfare.
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If my dog could talk
Sue Croft shares some new poems about pets: from cats and dogs to mice, parrots and pigeons. Read the poems with the children and follow up with activities that focus on letters, sounds and rhyme.
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Furry animals welcome
Children will also have observed small animals (both domestic and wild) in the local environment and perhaps also in the outdoor spaces at your setting. Thinking about small animals will allow children to explore a wide variety of learning possibilities using something that they have personal experience of.
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Tender loving care
Set up a veterinary practice with the children in your role play area, with inspiration from Let's Make and Play: Teddy Bear Doctor by Deanna Cook, and help them care for the toy animals in your setting.

Download the National Pet Toolkit
This year’s campaign includes a toolkit which can be accessed here. It includes resources for offering an educational or fundraising event, planning a pet-related lesson or displaying a pet-related poster. If you are particularly interested in holding an event there are lots of tips, along with competitions and latest news.


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