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Whatever your current situation, this month’s issue of EYE provides a direct, informative connection to what continues to matter most – the learning and well-being of children.

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Our new ‘normal’
Where settings are closed due to coronavirus, practitioners can gain a sense of purpose by finding new ways to support their children and families, whose well-being will be under pressure.
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Analysis: ‘Noticing’ not just ‘seeing’ every pupil
Is a pupil, tired, hungry or wearing a dirty shirt? Noticing exactly what is going on with individual children is a key requirement of good teaching and in these challenging times it is more important than ever.
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Forest school: straying from its roots?
Is there a danger that ‘Forest School’ has become an easy marketing term in the UK? Tina Lambert weighs whether practice is now too structured and far removed from its Scandinavian origins.
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We must spot the gaps
Promoting a culture of research is essential to continuously improving best practice on the ground and often the most exciting research takes place outside the parameters of academia.
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FOCUS: How curiosity is key to learning
All children are natural intellectuals when they are given opportunities to test their powers of inquiry. Author and education journalist Wendy Berliner argues for a new approach in the classroom which embraces a culture of curiosity, fuelling children with a thirst for knowledge that can empower their educational careers.
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