Do I talk to my child about the war in Ukraine?

Adam Marycz
Monday, March 7, 2022

This article addresses the difficult question of whether to, and how to, talk to children about war, using a collection of useful links with advice as well as various charities and donation links to support those in crisis in Ukraine right now.

A couple of weeks ago seeing or hearing the phrase ‘the war in Ukraine’ would have seemed unbelievable. It probably still does. However, as we come to terms with the reality, any adult who cares for, educates or speaks to children is now wrestling with the question ‘do I talk to my child about the war?’

Firstly, what is the answer to this question? It is challenging. Of course it is. However, children of any age are likely to hear conversations or understand the more tense body language and anxious cues we as adults give off, whether consciously or subconsciously. Therefore, I would argue it is better to acknowledge this and support children to understand it in a developmentally appropriate way rather than ignore and dismiss it which is likely to encourage children to become more anxious and confused.

Below, I have collated some of the most helpful resources, including: website articles, Instagram posts and books that I have found which can help us as adults decide what to say, how best to say it and how to support children explore and process their resulting thoughts and feelings. Some of these ideas will also help us, as adults, deal with our own anxieties and worries during this uncertain and challenging time for us all.


Please share this list and if you have any more that might be helpful for us to add please contact us at EYE and let us know (see meet the team page).











Take a look below at a collated list of places to make donations:


And here is a specific charity focusing on supporting refugees:



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