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Taking part in fundraising events creates happy memories for children and tells them that they can play a part in changing the world. There are also lots of ways to link events to learning in the EYFS.

'Parents and carers love to see their little ones raising money to help others,' says Comic Relief's Laura Wilson.
'Parents and carers love to see their little ones raising money to help others,' says Comic Relief's Laura Wilson.

Early years educators have to be expert jugglers, constantly balancing the demands of child development milestones, paperwork, parental pressure, training and everyday logistics... Against this backdrop, it’s no surprise that the very mention of a fundraising event sees some nursery practitioners running screaming for the hills!

But in fact, taking part in fundraising activities can be a fantastic way to help you meet these demands, as well as bringing diverse bene ts for children.

At Comic Relief, we like nothing more than hearing stories from our nursery supporters, whose ingenious ideas, enthusiasm and generosity never cease to amaze us. Over the years, we’ve collected feedback on the benefits of fundraising from practitioners across the UK and these are the main points they make.

Personal, social and emotional development
Taking part in fundraising activities is a natural extension of early childhood experiences of relating to others, helping and sharing. Fundraising is a giving behaviour that develops children’s capacity for empathy and respect for others. You can reinforce this by making sure the children understand how their actions will a ect others: instead of talking about fundraising as ‘a good thing to do’, explain that ‘When we raise money for this charity, we’ll be helping children have a safe home to live in.’

For many children, raising money for a charity will be the rst time they see that they can bring about change in the world. is can have a powerful impact on their self-esteem and positive sense of self. Encourage all the children to join in with the fun, nurturing their con dence and willingness to work together to raise as much money as possible.

Understanding the world
Most charities produce resources to help children understand the lives of people supported by the money they raise. Make the most of these, talking with children about similarities and differences between different places and everyday lives.

Physical development
Fundraising events can be a purposeful, fun way to get children physically active. You could organise a sponsored walk, dance-a-thon, skip-a-thon or scoot-a-thon. Or why not set up an obstacle course for children to complete, encouraging them to show control, co-ordination and move con dently and safely.

Communication and language
Give children opportunities to become more con dent speakers by asking them to help out with fundraising events. For example greeting guests, selling cakes or collecting sponsorship. Encourage them to listen and respond to stories of the people who will be helped by their fundraising.

Look out for ways to develop children’s maths skills as they fundraise, for example counting money collected and weighing ingredients for bake sales.

Expressive arts and design
Develop fundraising activities that enable children to make the most of their creative skills. ey could sing songs or make a music show.

Parent partnerships
Parents and carers love to see their little ones raising money to help others. Don’t put pressure on them to donate too often and o er plenty of opportunities to get involved, so that they share in the fun of fundraising events. How about inviting them to a show? Organising a coffee morning? Or running a family sponsored event?

Fundraising can be a fantastic way to get positive PR for the nursery and demonstrate your values and priorities to the community. Spread the word as far as possible by inviting local press and radio along to your events

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