Explore feelings with EYE’s February Practical Supplement

Use EYE's ideas, themes and observation points to enhance your reflective practice this month.

Bring a breath of fresh air to your practice this February with EYE’s practical supplement which has a range of activities designed to provoke, challenge and extend children’s learning. Understand how this develops through the Characteristics of Effective Learning and gain insights into observations and enhancing your continuous provision.  

PSED: Feel the love
As part of this month’s classic author focus, Judith Harries explores Sam McBratney’s familiar and heart warming picture book – Guess How Much I Love You. Chances are you already have this book in your setting and if you don’t, now is the time to acquire it! Great for discussing feelings and emotions.
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Literacy: Sharing traditions
Sarah Davies provides good reasons to put ‘International Mother Language Day’ on your calendar (21 February). This special day is a great vehicle for exploring your children’s first languages, bringing families together and focusing on traditional stories from around the world.
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Maths: ‘Ten brown cones’
Jenni Clarke continues her series describing how learning takes place ‘in the moment’. Here she describes how to spontaneously build on children’s fascination with natural objects, and support opportunities for counting and sequencing.
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EAD: Tying the knot
Looking for an environmentally  friendly form of gift wrap? If so the answer is the Japanese art of Furoshiki, which some UK retailers are adopting. Children will love learning to handle the fabric and finding out why it is more sustainable than plastic or paper.
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