Get baking!

Prepare for Easter by involving children in some simple baking activities that will also develop their maths and literacy skills.

Whether children or at home or attending an early years setting, now is a great time to entertain and educate them with baking projects.

Food preparation is a relaxed activity with an outcome that children can be proud of. Taste testing and trying a range of different ingredients with a variety of smells, flavours and textures, helps them to build a positive connection with food.

Spending time in the kitchen can develop an interest in food and cooking that will last into adulthood, while the ability and confidence to use a wide range of ingredients can lead to better nutrition.

The article below has simple recipes for Hot Cross Scones and Chicks’ nests – and links them to mathematical thinking.

Master bakers
Easter baking is an opportunity to practise problem solving. Do children know what to do if they take their cakes out of the oven and they are not properly baked yet? How can they tell if a cake is cooked all the way through? It's time to decide!

Cosy up to cooking
Spending one-to-one time with children in the kitchen can build an interest in food and cooking skills that will last a lifetime. It’s best to start small, says Annette Rawstrone, and follow their lead. Read here

On a roll with baking
There is nothing to beat the smell or taste of freshly baked bread rolls. Try this simple recipe.Read here

Mouthwatering muffins
Always a favourite these are especially delicious when made with wholewheat flour, says Ailsa Chapman. Read here

Best breakfast pancakes
This month Ailsa Chapman decided to cook the Scotch variety of pancakes, giving children a choice of toppings. Read here



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