Loving the darkness

While winter’s lack of daylight hours and long, dark evenings may make most of us feel like hibernating, consider ways in which you can explore the excitement of darkness with children.

December – illuminating the dark
Many festivals around the world at this time of year feature light as a major component of the celebration, in contrast to the sombre, long evenings associated with winter.
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Casting a play of light and dark
Our world is filled with shadows. Have you ever thought about using them as a free teaching tool? What follows are a few suggestions for using this fun and free resource.
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Creatures of the night
Most of our observation of the natural world will be carried out during daylight hours, but the animal world does not stop when it gets dark and it can be fascinating to investigate this often hidden world.
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Reach for the stars
Talk about the differences between night and day and set up a ‘Pyjama Day’ activity. Have fun enacting bedtime routines, sharing bedtime stories, listening to lullabies, and looking out at the night sky.
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Story of survival
The Road Home is a spellbinding story book about a parent and child facing a perilous journey together. Its regular rhyme pattern and entrancing illustrations will enable children to engage with its positive message.
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