My little mermaid

Monday, November 2, 2020

Take a look at this month’s practical supplement which has a wealth of seasonal ideas to support children’s learning through play. Use our expert pointers on the Characteristics of Effective Leaning to create meaningful observations and enhance your knowledge of each individual child.

Make a 2D artwork!
Make a 2D artwork!

UTW: Meet the Yoga People!
Sports and exercise around the world makes a great theme to explore as it encompasses culture, inclusion, thinking about your likes as an individual and how these may differ from others’. Try these activities to get children talking!
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PSED: Let’s get people together – a sustainable development activity
Hilary White suggests ways to use art, song and discussion as a starting point for celebrating our differences and exploring togetherness. Children will enjoy creating a picture of their friend and talking about what they like about them.Read here

Maths: Follow a pattern – through the lens of ‘in the moment planning’
Seize the moment to support children to explore ideas to do with repeating patterns as they follow their own play and exploration. Snakes can provide the inspiration – by threading beads on to a string or using loose parts outdoors.
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Expressive arts and design: Fantastic beasts
Channel children's fascination with imaginary creatures such as dragons, unicorns and mermaids into creating characterful artworks, including finger puppets and 2D artworks that they will be proud of.
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