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New research, training, child development, opinion... EYE has it all covered with its informed, thought provoking content. Here are some of the features in this month’s issue:

Defining ‘cultural capital’ in terms of best practice

‘Cultural capital’ is now being quoted by Ofsted, defined as a collection of symbolic elements that make people part of a ‘social class’. Author and teacher educator Sue Cowley examines what the term means in relation to early childhood education. Read here

Tune in to children’s natural curiosities                                                                               

Early years consultant explores how important it is for babies and children to be actively involved in planning their own learning experiences. Read here

Practical: Marvellous museums

Museums are a great way to help children think about sharing knowledge and ideas, and preserving memories of the past and present. Education writer Sarah Davies looks at how to use your local museum as a source of inspiration. Read here

Building positive futures through intergenerational contact

There is evidence that bringing children and the elderly together for meaningful interactions can have positive benefits for both groups and society has a whole. Denise and Stephen Burke co-founders of United for All Ages are working to maximise these benefits. Read here

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