Celebrate the dark

While adults may complain about the lack of daylight hours and the long, dark nights, for children darkness is mysterious and exciting. Build on their fascination by making it a theme for learning.

Embrace their interest in the dark by sharing picture books with a nocturnal storyline and exploring festivals that bring light to the darkness. Children will also enjoy investigating animals who come out at night, looking at the seasonal cycles of the planet and experiencing the dark in a sensory way. 

Adventure in the dark
For children darkness is thrilling and often frightening too. Use these activities to encourage their natural curiosity while at the same time developing their personal, social and emotional skills. Read here

December – illuminating the dark
Explore the many festivals around the world which at this time of year feature light as a major component of the celebration, in contrast to the sombre, long evenings associated with winter.  Read here

Creatures of the night
Most of our observation of the natural world will be carried out during daylight hours, but the animal world does not stop when it gets dark and it can be fascinating to investigate this often hidden world. Read here

Story of survival
The Road Home is a spellbinding story book about a parent and child facing a perilous journey together. Its regular rhyme pattern and entrancing illustrations will enable children to engage with its positive message. Read here

Tales that shine light on a canvas of darkness
Some children will never get the chance to explore their senses in ‘other’ environments, such as that presented by the dark, or may be scared to do so, which is where stories can work a powerful magic. Read here

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