Wash, wash, your hands!

The coronavirus has highlighted the importance of washing our hands to help prevent illness. Here are some activities linked to the EYFS which will inform children about why it is essential to regularly wash their hands, giving them the skills to do this effectively.

Washing your hands is one of the ‘easiest ways to protect yourself and others from illnesses such as food poisoning and flu’, the NHS advises.

The coronavirus outbreak means that hand washing, more than ever, is an essential skill for children – and their parents – to practice, helping to prevent illness, and the spreading of conditions.

Blitz the germs
At its most fundamental level, mastering hygiene and self-care practices involves children working on physical development skills. Jenni Clarke suggests activities that will build their confidence.
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Build healthy habits
Jenni Clarke gives advice on some practical ways to encourage young children’s knowledge of personal hygiene.
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Fun ways to hand wash
Hand washing is a vital skill which children should be encouraged to carry out regularly throughout their day. These activities will help you introduce the subject in a fun way.
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Wash and brush up
It can be useful if home hygiene practices support routines carried out in the nursery. Annette Rawstrone looks at some of the key areas in which parents can help their children become hygiene aware.
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