Grab a pumpkin and have fun on Halloween!

Written by: Karen Faux
Monday, October 29, 2018

Discover how this spooky celebration can provide an exciting springboard for children's creative activities, including artworks, story-telling, role-play and lots of fun with friends.

Despite its commercialisation, Halloween continues to be a source of great delight and anticipation for young children, fuelling their imaginations and enabling them to experience scary ideas in a safe space.

It also provides the perfect excuse to create edible treats, using culinary techniques that involve the development of children’s fine motor skills – stimulating their imaginations as well as their taste buds.

Check out our ideas to make Halloween memorable this year, and discover how your celebrations can be a perfect complement to many of the EYFS learning areas:

  1. Halloween is a great time to get cooking! With its pumpkins, squashes, sunflower seeds and apples, October provides a generous yield for seasonal fruit and vegetables. Jenni Clarke details some delicious recipes and links them to adult and child led activities. Read here
  2. What are the roots of Halloween? Discover the traditions that were originally taken over to North America by the Irish and Scottish, and have made their way back over to the British Isles in an increasingly materialistic way. Read here
  3. It's that time of year again! There is nothing like Halloween to make children excited and get their creative juices flowing. Claire Hewson outlines some easy recipes and fun activities linked to Roger Hargreaves’ Mr Tickle. Read here
  4. A perfect book to use is in conjunction with all things witchy is Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. In it, a witch flies her broomstick but keeps dropping various items of her apparel. She is helped to find it each time by a friendly animal or creature, who then enquires whether there is ‘room on the broom’ for a creature such as themselves. The accommodating witch lets them all hop on until the strain of the load breaks the broom. Read here
  5. Who is behind the mask...? Halloween is a great excuse to fuel children’s curiosity and fascination with masks. They work well as part of dressing up or role-play projects, but often even the simplest of masks can stand alone as a basis for play, quickly transforming reality. Read here

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