Impetus for learning

Written by: Rose Luckin
2 October 2018

If you are a potential entrepreneur with an idea for an early years educational technology product or service we want to hear from you, says Rose Luckin, director of innovation project, EDUCATE.


Has technology made it into your pre-school setting yet? I refer not just to whiteboards and the lone computer screen in the corner of the room, but to hand-held devices, reading and numeracy applications and other tools that can bring learning to life.

If not, then it soon will. Technology is rapidly changing the way that teachers teach, and children learn, and this
is as true in early years as in any other sector of our education system.

Not surprisingly, much of the discussion about technology in education centres around Artificial Intelligence (AI) and whether it will one day replace human practitioners. People find this idea at once intriguing, and frightening. If you believe, as I do, that education is about more than just the mechanics of learning then we need not worry about robots taking our jobs as educators any time soon. Young children will always need the caring, nurturing input of their teachers, who understand each of their needs as no machine ever will.

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