Guide to communication and connection

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Communication and Connection: creating and maintaining effective relationships in the EYFS.

EYE's guide to communication and connection in association with Tapestry features:

  • Working in partnership with families
  • Monitoring children’s learning and development
  • Building your curriculum and adapting your provision
  • Supporting your team and their professional learning

Your questions around effective communication will be answered, including; what does effective communication look like, how does it support relationships within your setting and who are you building relationships with?

We also delve into vital areas of pedagogy through a case study; Akin's story, which draws on aspects of building your curriculum, Monitoring the child’s progress, monitoring your provision, reflective practice, professional learning and observations. Plus a critical look at data: How can I show progress without data? What if my leadership team are looking for data? And what about children with learning differences and disabilities?

Access the online guide for free by clicking here.

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