The Guide to Early Childhood Degrees

Thursday, November 10, 2022

Early Years Educator and Nursery World have partnered with the Early Childhood Studies Degrees Network to bring you the FREE Guide to Early Childhood Degrees.


This comprehensive guide to Early Childhood Degrees provides insight into and support with choosing the right study route and career pathway for you. You can find out about a range of academic options available to suit your needs and the opportunities which can be opened up through the study of Early Childhood. This guide features real-life experiences of those who have recently studied or are currently undergoing Early Childhood training, so you can hear it straight from the students. Whether you think you know your next study and career steps or you are still uncertain, this free guide will provide you with all of the reassurance you need to make the best choice suited just for you. 


The guide has been put together by ECSDN contributors, including:

Philippa Thompson, Aaron Bradbury, Tanya Richardson, Sigrid Brogaard-Clausen, Diane Boyd and Helen Simmons.


The free guide features insight, advice and support, including:

  • Why study Early Childhood

  • How to choose the right degree for YOU

  • The various entry qualification routes available

  • The role of applied learning

  • Career opportunities

  • A 'Road map to success' poster outlining a variety of different study routes and career paths

  • A variety of student experiences shared through Q+A's 

  • Considerations around sustainability

  • Early Childhood graduates as advocates of change and highly skilled graduates



Read the FREE guide here: 

Guide to Early Childhood Degrees


We also have a podcast episode to support you on your journey to Early Childhood Degrees. 


This episode is in partnership with Norland College, Early Childhood Studies Degrees Network and Nursery World.

The discussion in this episode looks at:

  • An introduction into what the role of a nanny entails 
  • What is the uniqueness of the role of a nanny?
  • Insight into the journey to becoming a nanny
  • Exploration into the overseas work and opportunities that this brings
  • What the training entails
  • How is training in nannying different to more traditional early years training?
  • What support networks are available

What does a career in nannying look like?

Take a listen to this episode here:


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