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Webinar report: Moving towards a ‘paperless’ future

Find out about the current benefits and challenges of harnessing new technology to track children's progress and communicate with parents – discussed as part of a lively webinar hosted by EYE's sister magazine Nursery World in partnership with management software company, Nursery Story.

‘Let’s harness the power of communication’

The UK lockdown has been tough on all the country’s businesses and essential services, but what is the true picture looking like for the early years sector, as it reopens its doors to children this month?

Social and emotional development is EasyPeasy

The EasyPeasy app engages families and children with game ideas and supports children’s social and emotional development and school readiness, according to a research trial. Sal McKeown explains.

Maths: Tuff problems

For young children, mathematical learning and development is all about the concepts of quantity, space and distance. At this early stage, the hands on exploration of these concepts is of key importance – and a Tuff Tray makes the perfect resource.

Living the moment

Discover how a new resource is helping pre-schoolers to develop a passion for the past with an audio experience that transports them to momentous events such as the Great Fire of London.

All set for a home win

Karen Faux finds out how a new app is reaching parents to help them support their children’s language and communication skills at home. It can also be used by early years practitioners as part of an outreach strategy.

Digital technology: Put ideas on the table

Sal McKeown discovers how Route2education’s computer table has proved to be a popular hot spot in one nursery, and is big enough to provide fun and learning opportunities for a group of children at one time.

Understand the big picture

A childminder explains how digital system Kinderly has helped her to enhance her practice within the EYFS, gain a deeper understanding of the individal children in her care and engage their parents more effectively.

How to help children get all the sleep they need

Karen Faux finds out how organisation Sleep East can help both parents and professionals to establish healthy bedtime routines and sleep patterns for young children, using one-to-one counselling and interactive workshops.

In the blinking of an eye

Karen Faux finds out how teachers are harnessing the power of innovative ‘eye gaze’ software to ensure that young children with complex needs can engage and have fun with the learning process.

Always in the loop

Apps are rapidly taking over from websites, texting and email as a way for nurseries to keep parents fully informed. Sal McKeown talks to a nursery group in Scotland to find out what its customised app offers.

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