Mathematics is one of the seven areas of the early years foundation stage and is used to develop a child's confidence and ability with number but also to encourage their understanding of shapes, space and measures. It is important children are able to do this in a range of ways including adding and subtracting, using quantities and objects and understanding concepts like weight, position, distance and money.

Below you will find a range of practical articles and expert features that cover mathematics to help you develop these skills and overcome challenges you might encounter. For more information on the EYFS you can download latest version of the statutory framework here.

Latest Practical

Maths: Easter egg patterns

Easter eggs are ideal for inspiring exploration, discussion, understanding, and the creation of a variety of repeating patterns.

Mardi Gras maths

Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Day or Mardi Gras, falls on the first day of March this year. Try out some of these activities, combining cooking and eating pancakes with some mathematical skills, and make it a learning opportunity for all.

Maths: Money for beginners

The aim of this article is to look at children's books and stories about money, especially those suitable for early years, and to start to explore money and simple economics through practical activities.

Maths: That's the shape of it!

There may no longer be an early learning goal specifically devoted to understanding shape, space and measure, but settings are still expected to provide rich opportunities for children to develop their spatial reasoning. Here I include some of the best books on this area of learning.

Maths: Thrills and spills

In the first of a series exploring water play, Jenni Clarke suggests how to make the most of opportunities for joyful, spontaneous maths learning, by seizing ‘teachable moments’ and using observation to gauge progress.

Maths: From a solid base

Children are at their most self-absorbed in the construction area which means there are strong opportunities for maths learning. Jenni Clarke suggests ways to support this through in the moment planning.

Latest Features

Focus: Mastering maths

Balance child and adult-led learning to build children's knowledge and skills.

Focus: Outdoor learning

Audit your space and take a fresh view on how to optimise its potential.

My little mermaid

Take a look at this month’s practical supplement which has a wealth of seasonal ideas to support children’s learning through play. Use our expert pointers on the Characteristics of Effective Leaning to create meaningful observations and enhance your knowledge of each individual child.

Young children’s maths learning in danger of taking a backwards step

Changes to the Early Learning Goals for mathematics in the revised EYFS do not reflect the input from experts and research, and will not support children to develop a love of the subject, says the Early Childhood Mathematics Group.

Maths is a piece of cake

Explore these tips which can be passed to parents at home for making maths learning a fun and stress-free experience.

Get baking!

Prepare for Easter by involving children in some simple baking activities that will also develop their maths and literacy skills.

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