How the political party funding pledges stack up for childcare

Specialist data company Ceeda has compared the funding commitments made by the three main political parties for the cost of providing childcare in private, voluntary and independent nurseries and pre-schools. It finds that whatever the election outcome, overall investment will still lag behind the European average.

Too many children are missing out on book ownership

More than 383,00 children in the UK don’t have a single book of their own, according to new research from the National Literacy Trust. The charity warns that these children are missing out on the vital benefits of book ownership for their reading skills, enjoyment and mental well-being.

Voters say they will prioritise education

Education is the third most important issue in the coming election according to a poll of 1,000 parents of school-age children in England by the National Education Union (NEU), with 28 per cent of respondents putting it in their top two or three priorities.

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