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Friday, August 16, 2019

Enrich your children's learning experiences in the EYFS with this month's activity ideas

Children enjoying exploring the outdoor environment at Tops Day Nurseries.
Children enjoying exploring the outdoor environment at Tops Day Nurseries.

Sustainable development is an increasingly important theme in early years, and our series investigating ways to enhance children’s learning about the environment takes a look at how they can be introduced to the fascinating concept of ‘rubbish’. Cutting down, sorting, re-using and recycling are all great ways to support Personal, social and emotional development.

There are also ideas for taking a closer look at the structure of natural objects to inspire children’s own unique artworks. Discover Yayoi Kusama’s pumpkin paintings and sculptures which can be used as a springboard to explore line, circles and polka dots.

In this month’s classic authors article, Judith Harries puts the spotlight on award winning author and illustrator, Quentin Blake, linking his rhymes to fun activities that support Communication and language development.

Communication and language: Rollicking rhymes
Explore Quentin Blakes sense of fun and inspire children to experiment with words.
Read here

Expressive arts and design: The line of beauty
Natural objects provide a variety of fascinating shapes, which can be the starting point for creating artworks.
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Waste not, want not
Part two of Hilary White’s sustainable development series, exploring ways children can work together to manage rubbish.
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