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Find out how to pull together ‘intent, implementation, impact’ under the new inspection regime, gain insights into the development of children’s social brain and get ready for the challenges of 2020. Plus there’s lots more professional coverage to inspire, inform and enhance your work with young children.

Here is a taster:

Inspections: What do children show us?
In the final part of her series, Sue Allingham explains that ‘impact’ on learning can only be achieved when we understand what children bring with them – in other words, their cultural capital.
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Create a sense of calm this Christmas
Young children's excitement can accelerate alarmingly in the festive run-up. It is therefore important that practitioners focus on their own well-being to ensure everyone enjoys themselves.
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Montessori today
Montessori practice this year reached its one hundred year milestone in the UK, marked by many celebrations, including a special garden at the Chelsea Flower Show. In this extract from her book, Understanding the Montessori Approach, Barbara Isaacs highlights its enduring strengths and appeal.
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Becoming a social being
Understanding children's core emotions and how they relate to the development of their social brain is crucial for practitioners who need to support children's co-regulation and social development.
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