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Discover what it means to implement a curriculum under the new-style inspections and dip into our other professional articles design to inspire, inform and enhance your work with young children.

Inspection: Implementing change
In part two of Dr Sue Allingham's series exploring Ofsted's new nursery and school inspection frameworks, she discusses what it means to implement a curriculum.
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Making it real
With new approaches to learning developing all the time, from forest schools to the Curiosity Approach, practitioners risk implementing half-hearted attempts at pedagogy, says Chloe Webster.
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Everything to play for
Do children value learning as much as play? Rachel Hingston conducts interviews and observes children's behaviour in their learning environment to discover whether play always trumps learning
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What children learn from messy play
In this extract from Messy Play in the Early Years, Sue Gascoyne provides a theoretical perspective on children's ‘material engagements’, while keeping hands-on practice clearly in view. A deeper understanding of messy play is key to making it an exciting learning opportunity for all children.
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