Check out the October issue of EYE

With the new academic year in full swing and the pressure back on, this month’s issue is designed to provide solid support for your day-to-day practice and long term professional development.

Prepare for new inspections: Be clear on ‘intent’
Tap into Dr Sue Allingham’s new series which explores the new inspection frameworks and what their implications are for your day-to-day practice and ultimately the grading you’ll receive from Ofsted. Read here

Can new strategies unlock disadvantage for young children?
There is an urgent need to address the fact the social mobility has stalled, beginning with our youngest children. Sue Cowley examines the latest Government initiatives to determine whether these can now make a difference. Read here

See learning through the eyes of each individual child
Child development expert John Siraj-Blatchford concludes his series on schemas, exploring how practitioners can build on what ‘children already know’. Read here

Leaps towards learning
Hear from early learning and movement expert Sally Goddard Blythe about why daily movement, tailored to particular ages and groups of children, must be placed at the heart of the curriculum. Read here


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