December EYE issue: Believe it when you see it

Angelica Celinska
Wednesday, November 24, 2021

December's issue of EYE is out - take a look at an overview of the articles featured this month. Short on time? Watch the 60 second intro video for a quick overview from the editor.

Angelica Celinska, EYE editor


We have heard a lot of news recently on positive changes coming into the early years sector, namely regarding funding and new qualifications. However, as Purnima Tanuku discusses in her Opinion piece this month, this is only the beginning. We need to see more strategic plans from the government, and a clear vision for the sector that values and recognises the important work the early years workforce are doing.

Neil Leitch also has a similar stance in his Opinion piece; addressing the lack of status of the early years workforce, which dictates low pay and dismissal from key funding, such as during the Covid pandemic. Neil puts forward that, although the Spending Review has now passed, there is still much work to be done – it is equally important to continue to fight for fair funding as it is to champion the work of the sector.

Our Focus feature this month is around the early years business landscape, discussing the buying and selling of, and investing in, early years settings. A closer look is taken into the current market, asking questions such as whether now is the right time to invest, and if expansion is right for everyone. As an Alternative view feature this month, we have Professor Peter Moss posing the question of: Do we really want privatised and marketized provision for our young children, and are better alternatives available?

We invite you to take part in a wider debate around the type of early years system we really want, with an appreciation for reflection, discussion and alternative possibilities. Please share your views and reflections on EYE's social media pages and feel free to get in touch directly.


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