EYE's latest issue: Rising to new challenges

Professional articles in EYE's latest July/August issue address key concerns and issues as childcare settings and schools return to a 'new normal' and provide expert advice on supporting the well-being of children, staff and families.

Ways to manage risk
A risk assessment, ensuring that it is specific to your setting, is the place to start says Sue Cowley.
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Communicating change
Staff and managers have to work more closely together than ever before to ensure that parents are kept in the loop, while the guiding principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage have acquired new meaning.
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Take nothing for granted
Understanding children's disposition to learn and settle down to a school routine after lockdown requires teachers to be emotionally intelligent and thoughtful about their expectations.
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Listen carefully
The quietest children often have the most to say, when they are given the opportunity to be heard, says author Jamie Thom. Discover how the art of listening can raise the quality of classroom dialogue.
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Plus our regular analysis of how the media is currently reporting on the early years sector, debate and opinion from sector experts and what a reformed EYFS will mean for your practice. 

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