General public thinks nursery and primary teachers should be paid more, survey suggests

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Research into the public’s latest views and attitudes towards teachers’ pay finds that most think they are paid too little across all stages.

A study carried out by course comparison site CoursesOnline suggests that the majority of the general public think that teachers wages are too low across all levels of education and they would back a pay rise.

When presented with average salary rates for nursery, primary and secondary school teachers, more than half the respondents supported wage increases and less than a third were happy with the current levels.

One question was whether the average nursery teacher should be paid more than £20,906 a year. Seventy per cent of respondents thought this salary was too low.

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CoursesOnline  says its data reflects growing positive attitudes towards teaching staff in the UK. It demonstrates that the public may have become more appreciative of education staff since the start of the pandemic and are expressing their gratitude for teachers who taking on added pressures by pushing for higher wages.

Key findings include:

  • 70 per cent of people thought that nursery teachers were paid too little
  • More than  60 per cent of respondents said that primary and secondary school teachers’ salaries were too low
  • Less than 10 per cent of respondents thought that teachers across all levels were paid too much

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