Have your say about proposed changes to the EYFS

The early years sector has until 31 January to respond to the Government’s consultation on proposed changes to the statutory framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

Launched on 24 October, this consultation includes proposed reforms to the learning and development and early years foundation stage profile (EYFSP) assessment requirements, as set out in the EYFS framework.

It also seeks views on an amendment to the safeguarding and welfare section of the framework.

It follows what the Government says is a commitment to improve the EYFSP, with the key objectives of improving outcomes for all children, particularly language and literacy outcomes for disadvantaged children, and reducing teacher workload.

The consultation’s scope includes seeking views on proposed changes to the educational programme summaries under the seven areas of learning set out in the EYFS framework, the 17 early learning goals (ELGs) which make up the end-point measure of children’s attainment at the end of reception year, and changes to the EYFSP assessment process, moderation approaches and the criteria used to score

It follows an evaluation of a pilot of the proposed, revised EYFS, which 24 schools participated in.

Access the consultation here

What’s changed?
Changes have been made across the areas of learning, for example:

  • Communication and language: now flags up the importance of regular conversations, contingent talk and sensitive questioning
  • Personal, social and emotional development: has moved higher up the list to come after communication and language, instead of after physical development. Its goals now incorporate more elements linked to self-regulation
  • Expressive arts and design: the Performing ELG from the pilot has been renamed Being Imaginative and Expressive
  • Mathematics: now mentions encouraging children’s curiosity about number, shape, space and measure but these are still not covered in the goals
  • Understanding the world: the Government explains its decision to omit Information Technology from the goals, saying it has  ‘little value as an end-point measure in itself’.

To help you make comparisons between the pilot and consultation versions of the EYFS,  EYE’s sister magazine, Nursery World, has created a before-and-after guide which you can download below. Included are the educational programmes, ELGs and the Government's rationale for the changes.


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