January EYE issue: New Year, New Start

Angelica Celinska
Friday, January 14, 2022

January 2022 issue of EYE is out - take a look at an overview of the articles featured this month. Short on time? Watch the 60 second intro video for a quick overview from the editor.

Angelica Celinska, EYE editor


As this is the first issue of 2022, it is very timely to announce an important change for EYE magazine. I am pleased to announce and welcome the members of the new EYE editorial board. You can find their names and details in the link below. Please join me in welcoming them by sharing your comments on social media and writing in.

Since becoming editor of EYE at the end of April 2021, I have been working on putting together a list of members, this has been no easy task, and some difficult decisions have had to be made. But I have ensured to choose a diverse board of members representing different areas of the sector; from practice and policy, to research. I have also considered those who I am confident will support as well as challenge me, and those who have already challenged my thinking, opened my views up, pushed me to reflect deeper and hence influenced my work – the content of EYE, what I bring to you all as readers.

The role of the editorial board is to support me as the editor; collectively ensuring the content is relevant, of the highest quality, diverse and representative of the sector. My aim since joining EYE has been to ensure the magazine provokes readers' thinking, encourages reflection, challenges views and supports you as readers in being critical consumers of content. I ask members of the editorial board to challenge me as the editor, and hold me accountable for delivering high standard, relevant, representative content to you, EYE's readers.

The new editorial board's active involvement with EYE will bring about shared understandings, experiences, insights and reflections, to ensure we are supporting the early years sector together in the best possible way.


Meet the new members here - https://www.earlyyearseducator.co.uk/pages/meet-the-team 


Take a look at some more of January's articles:


Take a look at a quick video introduction to this month's issue:



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