New research seeks to understand successes and failures of learning in lockdown

Teachers and practitioners urged to contribute to a major study on home learning during coronavirus.

The aim is to plan for the future.
The aim is to plan for the future.

EDUCATE Ventures and Cambridge University Press have joined forces to gather information on home learning during school closures and better understand the challenges and successes of home education during the lockdown.

Education stakeholders around the world – teachers, school leaders, school governors, students, parents, and content developers – are encouraged to complete a short questionnaire and respond to a daily question. Participants will receive findings from the research, which it is hoped will help understand the successes and challenges of this period of rapid innovation.

Professor Rose Luckin, director of EDUCATE Ventures and professor of learner-centred design at UCL Knowledge Lab, said: ‘We will be working with Cambridge University Press to collect the all-important data that will help us understand what is happening on a daily basis in education while it is disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

‘This is vital evidence to help us provide sound advice and support during and beyond the current disruption where technology is playing a large role. It is unlikely that this will be the last –time that schools and families will find themselves in this difficult situation, so our aim is to understand the issues so we can help to plan for the future.’

Jane Mann, director, Education Reform at Cambridge University Press, said: ‘The coronavirus crisis represents the largest peacetime disruption to education in living memory. We can draw parallels with previous crises – SARS, MERS, Ebola – but never before has so many children's education relied on so many new, rapidly implemented, and previously untried interventions.

‘We know that the impact of this period of disruption will be felt for years to come, and that there may be subsequent outbreaks or new epidemics that force mass school closures in the future. The more we know about the impact of the crisis and what works, the better prepared teachers and systems can be for the future.’

Interested parties can answer the Daily Question, which is posted every morning on EDUCATE Ventures’ Twitter account @knowldgillusion or sign up for the full survey here

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