November EYE issue: Reflect and refocus

Angelica Celinska
Thursday, October 21, 2021

November's issue of EYE is out - take a look at an overview of the articles featured this month. Short on time? Watch the 60 second intro video for a quick overview from the editor.

Angelica Celinska, EYE editor


The theme of reflection has continued from our last issue to the current magazine. This time of year is full of reflections, especially with so much on the minds of those working in the early years sector. No doubt you have been reflecting on a number of things, which is what Dr Sue Allingham brings up in her News Analysis article this month. All of the new documents from Ofsted and the DfE, the new guidance documents, the new reading framework for schools etc. etc. These are all meant to be useful documents, but have certainly resulted in a lot of confusion…which is not useful! This is where reflection and action is important; your reflection must not cause dwelling and panic, but instead encourage an active refocus on your role, your teaching and the way in which you place the child at the centre.

Reflection also weaves into your own personal lives, which involves your own wellbeing. There are a number of articles this month addressing mental health, wellbeing and resilience, of both children and adults. David Meechan discusses in detail practitioner and workplace wellbeing; demonstrated through in depth case studies. Emma Davis focuses further into the wellbeing of leaders, Charlotte Baker addresses practitioner resilience, and our professional book review includes a psychological health and wellbeing programme from a bestselling author and medical doctor.

Once embedding the care of your own wellbeing, as you can't pour from an empty cup, you can support children's mental health and wellbeing, and importantly, equip them with the vital skills and techniques to be able to help themselves. Take a look at Lesley Pemberton's article on ‘The pandemic and children's wellbeing’, and her book in our reviews section, Feeling Good About Me, which supports children's wellbeing and mental health through reflective and practical mindfulness activities.


As always, I look forward to engaging in reflections and discussions with you on EYE's social media pages.


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