Revised EYFS and Reception Baseline Assessment all set for September

Thursday, April 8, 2021

New policies hit the statute books as Government aims to raise standards in early education and introduce – ‘a fairer accountability system based on pupils’ progress’.

Some schools have already familiarised themselves with Baseline Assessment by being early adopters.
Some schools have already familiarised themselves with Baseline Assessment by being early adopters.

The revised and final EYFS framework that all registered nurseries, childminders, schools and pre-schools in England will follow from 1 September 2021, has now been published and become law. 

The reforms have been piloted and consulted on and more than 3,000 schools are currently taking part in an early adopter year.

According to DfE, feedback supports the idea that the new framework strengthens teaching practice and improves learning standards for early education.

It has also confirmed that Reception Baseline Assessment will be statutory for schools from September 2021. The new assessment aims to ‘introduce a fairer accountability system for schools, based on the educational progress their pupils make while at primary school’.

Plans to introduce the Reception Baseline have been dogged by controversy, with parent campaigners and teaching unions opposed to the idea of formal assessment as children start school.

Support for change
Birth to 5 Matters, the alternative non-statutory guidance to the Government backed Development Matters, is now available as a core document to download for free. Printed copies are available to purchase.

There is also an interactive online version which includes all the text from the core document and additional resources, along with suggestions for further reading.

Julian Grenier, the author of Development Matters, has published a book to accompany the guidance – Working with the Revised Early Years Foundation Stage Principles into Practice. This is free to download or can be bought as a hard copy.



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