Start embedding sustainable development into your early years practice – today!

Environmental sustainability is no longer an area of learning which is distinct from others but is something which early years settings are increasingly embedding as part of their overall practice and management.

Tops Day Nursery in Portsmouth is passionate about sustainable development.
Tops Day Nursery in Portsmouth is passionate about sustainable development.

Every setting can take steps in this direction, however small. Hilary White’s series of articles on sustainable development aims to support this, guiding readers through simple, practical ideas that can be explored through the EYFS areas of learning.

These articles build into a collectable series with an inspiring range of ideas –  from simple formulas for making your own eco-friendly cleaning products to teaching children about water conservation, recycling, upcycling and making the business of managing waste a fascinating and fun subject!

1. Understanding the World: Steps to clean living
Discover how to make practical changes to become eco-friendly, while creating a dynamic environment for children to learn about conservation. Read here

2. PSED: Waste not, want not
Try these activities to find ways for children to work together to learn that managing the rubbish we produce can be both fun and good for the environment. Read here

3. LITERACY: Saving every drop
Combine children’s reading and information gathering skills with learning about water conservation. Helping them to understand the importance of water is a good starting point. Read here

4. Communication and language: Upcycle old books
In part four of her series on sustainability, Hilary White explores the different ways we can reuse materials such as picture books to teach children the value of breathing new life into old objects. Read here

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