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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Check out EYE’s March practical activities.

Explore the art of Frida Kahlo!
Explore the art of Frida Kahlo!

From cooking to celebrating the art of Frida Kahlo – this month’s activities linked to the EYFS prioritise children’s communication skills and powers of self-expression.

This provides a powerful link to child well-being which is a priority for all educators as children return to school and nursery.


Communication and language: Riotous rhymes
Join in with the zany humour and rhyming fun that are a feature of Colin McNaughton's classic picture books. Support children as they learn new words, try out repeated refrains and design their own aliens.
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Physical development: Spatially aware
Exploring the environment in different ways is key to children developing spatial awareness. Claire Hewson suggests games that will help children to experience the effects of their movements and their proximity to others.
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PSED: Take a moment
Following on from last month's article on breathing techniques, now is the time to move on to basic meditation skills. Observe how quickly children find their focus, using natural materials as props to articulate their thoughts and feelings.
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Maths: Taking the biscuit
Cooking is one of the most enjoyable ways to apply mathematical thinking and will help children to transfer their new found counting skills to many other activities and everyday tasks. Observe how they begin to correct their own mistakes.
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Expressive arts and design: Fabulous Frida!
Frida Kahlo's art is a fantastic subject for pre-schoolers as there are so many ways to explore her paintings, her life and her art style. It is also an opportunity for children to understand her cultural heritage as a Mexican painter.
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