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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Want to keep up-to-date with the latest pedagogical research and ideas from the experts, be challenged in your thinking and innovative in your practice? Dip into this month’s pages for a taster of EYE’s in-depth, professional coverage.

New research, training, child development, opinion... EYE has it all covered with its informed, thought provoking content. Here is a sample of some of the features in this month’s issue:

Opinion: An early years plan is also needed...
Brexit has paralysed the government, drawing the attention away from urgent issues, and while there has been much talk of the need for a ‘plan B’, the early years sector needs to have a plan full stop. Read here

Leading best practice as an early years teacher
Early years teacher status can equip early childhood professionals to make a substantial difference to their settings and to children’s lives, says Maureen Lee, early years adviser to the Best Practice Network. Read here

 Learning through a lens
Reflective practice is core to early years provision, but all too often focuses on righting wrongs. Educational psychologist Anita Soni describes how video can help highlight the positives. Read here

Social and emotional development is EasyPeasy
The EasyPeasy app engages families and children with game ideas and supports children’s social and emotional development and school readiness, according to a research trial. Sal McKeown reports. Read here

I do not need to speak for you to hear me
Selective mutism often starts in the early years and can continue into adulthood if left untreated. Charlotte Baker discusses the signs, the impact and strategies to support children who are affected. Read here














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