Expressive arts and design: Get busy!

Days with time spent more indoors than out can be a great opportunity to focus on creative projects that will excite children and give them a real sense of achievement.

Take a look at these ideas which can be led by children’s own imaginations and only require simple every day resources.

Old carboard boxes, for example, are a great source of creative possibilities. Karen Hart describes how to make a cardboard aeroplane – which was a great hit with children in her setting.

Or how about making a memory game? They’re easy for children to make themselves. Check out how to make a sensory matching pairs game by making cards with both matching pictures and textures.

A game plan
Game-building activities are a great way to stimulate children’s imagination and develop their creative skills. Karen Hart provides step-by-step guide to making a memory game and building a board game.
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Flights of fancy
Karen Hart suggests ways to turn old carboard boxes and paper and card into simple models and artworks which will encourage children to explore ideas to do with flight and weightlessness, developing vocabulary along the way.
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Buttercups and daisies
Wild flowers such as daisies, buttercups and dandelions may be considered weeds but they have a special place in childhood and provide a great resource for Expressive Arts and Design projects.
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Get into character
Discover how imaginative play based on dressing up and role-play can extend children’s understanding of the world and inspire creative art works to represent their experiences.
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In the mix
Used together, sand and water play provide children with many exciting opportunities for creativity. Children engage all their senses as they explore textures, changing colours and shifting patterns.
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