Tune in to your children – take a look at EYE's November practical supplement

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

All these ideas are designed to encourage reflective practice – and help you identify your children’s individual characteristics of effective learning. Use them as a starting point for exploring learning areas – while being receptive to the directions that children want to go in and tuning in to their responses.

Here is a taster of what's in this month's supplement:

More than a feeling...

Emojis have become a key part of how we interact using technology and present lots of potential for learning. Judith Harries suggests how we embrace this new form of communication to help children recognise their own and others’ feelings.
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A spider on my knee!
Autumn brings plenty of inspiration for artworks – from the appearance of many spiders to the vibrant patterns that feature in Diwali celebrations. Karen Hart explores how you can mark these seasonal changes and festivities in your setting.
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A rhyme hunt
Judith Harris discusses how children can use word play, onomatopoeia and rhyme found in Michael Rosen’s much loved picture books to develop their speaking skills and cooperative play.
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Take a swing
Hitting a ball with a stick is fun. Add a target and it becomes a challenge. Use the correct terminology and it becomes a new hobby. Let children experiment with golf equipment and develop their own swing style, says Jenni Clarke.
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