It’s a reading good feeling

Written by: Jenni Clarke
14 August 2018

This article shares a number of ideas on how to provide opportunities for young children to read for pleasure, so when they are ready, they will have the motivation and foundations in story to perservere.



  • Books with simple, colourful, detailed, and amusing illustrations.
  • Stories with rhymes, repetition, one word on a page, and longer stories.
  • Stories dealing with emotions, children’s issues, normal life, and crazy nonsense.
  • Comics, magazines, comic books.
  • Factual books that are simple, funny, strange, and mind blowing.
  • Factual books with photos, drawings, paintings, numbers.
  • Stories and factual books in different languages.
  • Poems and number rhymes.
  • Paperback, hardback, thick card and waterproof books.

Enjoying stories and books is the first integral step in learning to read, but it is also an opportunity for young children to communicate their feelings and thoughts about the world around them. In this article, I share some ideas on how to provide opportunities for children to read for pleasure and to learn to love books, so when they are ready to master the mechanics of reading, they will have a wealth of vocabulary and story knowledge to support them, and the motivation to persevere.

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