Nutrition to start the day

Written by: MA Education
2 September 2017

Breakfast is a great opportunity to provide children with essential energy and nutrients that their bodies need to help them function effectively; a good start to the morning benefits learning and development.

Nutrition to start the day
Nutrition to start the day

Good nutrition and healthy eating is important for everyone – it is especially important in the early years because young children have very specific energy and nutrient requirements. One to five-year-olds need energy for growth, playing and learning. It is important for children to develop patterns of healthy eating from an early age, both at home and in your early years setting, to promote positive attitudes and enjoyment of good food into adulthood.

Childhood Obesity – A Plan for Action (Department for Health, 2016) reports that nearly a third of children aged two to 15-years-old are overweight or obese. A recent study, Energy and nutrient intakes of young children in the UK (Syrad et al, 2016), highlighted that one to five-year-olds are consuming more calories, protein and sodium than recommended and have diets lacking in fibre, vitamin D and iron. Meanwhile, the British Nutrition Foundation has warned that more than 30,000 toddlers have never tried a vegetable.

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