Practice Insight August issue: Editor's note

Adam Marycz
Tuesday, July 12, 2022

In this month's issue of Practice Insight I have the privilege of exploring some really thought-provoking and current topics which was a big part of the vision for this supplement when it was created by myself and Angelica.

Adam Marycz
Practice Insight editor

First up it's the early years community corner which explores a post by the wonderful Kerry Murphy (@eyfs4me on Instagram) who constantly makes me reflect on SEND in early years and reconsider everything I thought I knew. The post featured this month explores whether whole body listening is appropriate/necessary for adults/children. Our key-terms this month examine neurodiversity and the language of neurodivergence.

My other favourite piece this month is the working with families page which follows on from last month's early years community corner all about consent. Early years teacher Dawn Davies shares her experiences from practice of how she embedded consent and she shares three areas for reflection which can be used by adults who support children to enable them to build a child's understanding of consent. Dawn has recently achieved EYTS at university of Chester, just like I did, so I am particularly pleased to be sharing her thoughts after a discussion on a recent visit I made to the group. I am always looking for students who are interested in featuring in the student spotlight or the supplement/magazine more widely so if you are a student or even a tutor who would like me to come and talk to your class about how/why they should get involved please contact me.

The play experience case study is from Denise Balderson who often uses natural objects to engage her children, this invitation explores a range of bones which were provided to her nursery children aged three and up.

Jill Harrison provides us with the author spotlight, the author of ‘Leadership in Early Childhood: Challenges and Complexities’ provides us with ‘a problem-solving approach to conflict resolution.’

And finally, our student spotlight discusses research into children's experiences of gender in early childhood by Maryanne Fernandez.

Don't forget we want you to get involved. We are looking for practitioners, teachers, tutors, lecturers, settings and organisations to get in touch and share their best practice with us! Whether these are inspiring home-learning opportunities, engaging and fresh play experiences for the case study, social media posts that made you reflect or tips to help families deal with challenging topics/situations.

All you need to do is direct message me on social media (@adameyleader) or email me

As always please share your feedback on the supplement. You can do this using the hashtag #practiceinsighteye

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