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What is Practice Insight?


This monthly eight-page supplement which is entitled Practice Insight - Provocations for learning from across the sector - aims to provide a window into the best practice of settings and individual practitioners across early years. Each month is split into the following sections:


  • Early years community corner – featuring some of the most talked about and topical posts on social media and online from people across the sector.
  • A play experience case study – focusing on an awe-inspiring play experience which provides children with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and skills.
  • Author spotlight and student spotlight – providing the space for people within early years to share their passion, knowledge and experience through the power of their own voice.
  • Working with families – providing families with either: an exciting and high-quality learning experience to share with their children or offering thought-provoking and practical advice to enable them to support their children through life.

If you would like to be the Guest Editor of a future edition and showcase the wonderful practice happening in your setting, please get in touch!

Early years community corner: Creating an engaged community of readers

Every month, we introduce a new Book of the Month for the nurseries to read to the children and to provide activity prompts. These books are also promoted to parents and carers. All nurseries purchase multiple copies of the chosen book to share with the children and to use in their nursery lending libraries for parents to borrow.

Editor's note: Remembering the pleasures of working with children

The early years sector is, rightly so, the ongoing subject of political discourse with various parties unveiling their proposals for its reform at their respective conferences. It is a crucial moment for this sector, with hope for the future. Amid these deliberations, it's reassuring to see providers continuing to inspire, lead and put children at the heart of all they do.

Researcher spotlight: Welcoming families into the intergenerational tribe

As a senior lecturer in Early Childhood Studies at the University of Chester, I was about to start the thesis stage of my Doctorate in Education qualification and the opportunity arose to focus my research on intergenerational practice with The Nursery in Belong. My initial focus was to observe the ways in which children, families and older people made connections with each other and how their relationships developed, while living and learning in such a unique setting.

Working with families: Involving everyone in the community

Within our model we have to think about the families of children and also their grand-friends. Both family groups spend a lot of time in the Care Village and interact with each other in organised and spontaneous ways. Many family members of the older people have formal caring responsibilities and it is important for us to respect this role and the anxiety and pressure it can sometimes bring. Equally, we have been careful to make sure that the children's family members understand the unique...

Playfulness Case Studies: Playing with everyone

We frame or reframe everyday learning in ways that enable people of all ages to experience them as entertaining, intellectually stimulating, and personally interesting. This helps to establish situations in which all ages can interact playfully with each other and are able to use their playfulness to develop, sustain and expand meaningful relationships.

Content creator spotlight: Creating harmony together

Don't we have a wonderful time with Amanda! says 75 year old Glenda, a resident at our intergenerational Care Village. As creative lead, it is my role to promote as much playfulness and creative exploration as possible while balancing this with the diverse health and well-being needs of older people and developmental stages of our nursery children.

Reading for good

Looking at my favourite reading this month has been varied. As we all learn differently, I've included, a multi-media learning pack from Alice Sharp, a Ted Talk to listen to on your walk to work, a magazine that highlights what permaculture means especially for those interested in the regenerative economy, a practical book to support the children in the garden and a thoughtful book.

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