Practice Insight May issue: Editor's note

Adam Marycz
Thursday, April 14, 2022

Hello and welcome to the FIRST EVER edition of the brand-new monthly supplement called Practice Insight – Provocations for learning from across the sector.
















Adam Marycz

Practice Insight editor


Here are the details of what you will find within this new supplement every month and at the bottom of this page you will see a list of some key-terms which are likely to be used regularly. We will add any new terms as they arise over the coming months.


Each month is split into the following sections:


• Early years community corner – featuring some of the most talked about and topical online and social media posts from across the sector.
• A play experience case study – focusing on an awe-inspiring piece of practice which provides children with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and skills.
• Author spotlight and student spotlight – providing the space for people within early years to share their passion, knowledge and experience through the power of their own voice.
• Working with families – providing families with either an exciting and high quality learning experience to share with their children or offering thought provoking and practical advice to supporting their children through life.


First of all, for those of you who might not be familiar with me, let me introduce myself, my name is Adam Marycz (@adameyleader on social media). I have worked in early years for over 12 years and I am an early years teacher and setting manager as well as being a podcast host and writer. I am honoured and extremely excited to have extended my role with the magazine by becoming the editor of this new section, especially with a brand as valued, respected, and vital to the future of the sector as Early Years Educator.

I would like to thank Angelica for her vision and commend her on her passion for the early years sector, especially this project, as well as for giving me the chance to work with her on this, and I would also like to thank the wider team at Mark Allen Group, especially Louise, for their commitment to this and their hard work over recent weeks to make a dream become reality!

Now, the questions many of you are probably asking…what's the vision? Why should I read this new supplement?

The vision is simple, to showcase the very best practice early years has to offer from all practitioners, settings and organisations who play a part in the high-quality learning that children experience on a daily basis. We want to offer actionable ideas for you all to take into your interactions with children and their families. We want to make you think and question what you do and why you do it. And finally, we want to give a voice to the topics that matter and to enable some of the most important people within early years feel heard. Namely, you.

Why should you read it? Well, you should read it because it's inspirational, because it's fresh and exciting, because it's thought provoking and most importantly because you can be involved. You can share your best practice with us. All you need to do is direct message me on social media or email me with your inspirational home learning opportunities to share with families, or engaging and valuable play experiences for a chance to feature in the case study! Additionally, please share with me any social media posts you see that get you thinking or any topics you think we should explore!

Lastly, please share your feedback on the supplement, and do also share the ideas and people showcased, the conversations and the learning you take into your interactions with children and their families on social media. You can do this using the new hashtag #practiceinsighteye


Key terms


  • Invitation – an invitation is planned by a practitioner with the aim of introducing a new concept/experience to a child.
  • Provocation – a learning/play opportunity designed to provoke a child's thinking, which builds upon an interaction with, or an observation of, the child.


Invitations and provocations can at times overlap. For some children it might be a learning opportunity which provokes pre-existing thinking, but for others it might be introducing a whole new idea/concept. This can mean that the terms are used interchangeably depending on the child who is engaging with the learning opportunity.


  • CoETL (Characteristics of effective teaching and learning) – provided by both the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework and Development Matters to encourage practitioners to consider, when planning and supporting the child's learning and development, the different ways in which each individual child learns.
  • Pedagogy – your pedagogy is the method(s)/approach(es) you use to teach children and support their learning. It is likely you will use many varied pedagogical methods/approaches in your daily practice.


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