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Found 54 results for "January activities ".

Search Results

Found 54 results for "January activities ".

Get ready for a fresh start in January

It may come as a shock having to match your energy levels to the children’s when they arrive back after the Christmas break – so lay plans to get them outside and letting off steam, while supporting their learning and physical development.

Get ready for National Early Years Music Week

More than 12,000 children are already signed up to join in with this inaugural event that will take place from Monday 28 January to Friday 1 February 2019. Nurseries and parents will be sharing the buzz around a host of exciting music activities.

Don't put maths on ice

Lis Hodgman seasonal series looks at ways you can you still do physical and outdoor number and shape activities in winter, plus ideas to explore maths through the festivals that take place in the colder months.

A real voyage of discovery

The third in our series exploring practical activities for introducing concepts that will help children in the Understanding the world area of learning – this month, we look at interactive discovery corners.

Time for summer camp!

In Jenni Clarke's final article on planning to observe number activities, she focuses on ideas to create camps and carnivals in your setting.

End of year celebrations

Families may observe different festivals towards the end of the calendar year, but general celebratory activities can be shared with all staff, children and parents at this time, regardless of beliefs.

Ploughing a daily furrow

Each family of the children in our settings will come from a culture with its own traditions and festivals, which can be interesting to explore, such as Plough Monday, a once popular UK celebration.

Regulating your actions

It is becoming the latest buzz word in education, but what exactly is ‘self-regulation’, why is it so important, and what can we, as childminders, do to help young children?

Open to new ideas

Ofsted proved to be very receptive to Little Barn Owls’ Reggio Emilio approach to learning, highlighting in its report that children learn and play together in a ‘highly stimulating environment’. Karen Hart finds out more.

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