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Pioneers: Four pioneers on play

Steiner, Kant, Dewey and Froebel are introduced in this article in regards to their lessons on play in early childhood settings. The four theorists are compared, outlining some of the common threads interwoven between them.

Lessons from a pandemic: Practitioner resilience

The ongoing pandemic has resulted in an entire reconfiguration of what education has meant, from early years right through to higher education. While children's resilience is something that has been acknowledged as essential, what has the pandemic taught us about practitioners' resilience?

Focus: The most important job

The following article draws on relevant literature, posing reflective questions to explore why wellbeing is important for practitioners and the children in their care.

Pioneers: Vasily Sukhomlinsky (1918-1970)

Here we explore the work of a Ukrainian educator who adopted an innovative approach to early childhood education, and who has been very influential in former Soviet bloc countries and in China.

PSED: New term, fresh book corner

As well as fostering a love of reading, the book corner is somewhere children build personal, social and emotional skills. Claire Hewson discusses how practitioners can support children's development by giving them ownership and responsibility for a book corner that reflects their interests.

Transitions: ‘Lockdown Babies’ in childcare

Babies attending settings for the first time this year would have been born or were very young during the various lockdowns. Rebecca Martland discusses the implications of this through theory and young children's development, offering valuable guidance to implement in your settings, as well as recent case studies to reflect on.

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